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kg CO₂
Project Uganda
Clean drinking water at all times
surcharge of approx. 0.5%
Project Germany / Switzerland
Building healthy carbon-rich soils through regenerative agriculture
surcharge of approx. 1.9%
For just € per month, you offset the CO₂ emissions of all your laundry rentals
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Königsmoor CO₂ offsetting project
in Germany

The Königsmoor moorland as a climate protector: Within the framework of our moorland project in Schleswig-Holstein, you fund important renaturing measures aimed at rewetting the moorland, which was drained excessively in the past. Raising the water levels enables the moorland to once again act as crucial carbon storage and, as a water-rich ecosystem, to boost flood protection and water quality control and to foster local biodiversity.

CO₂ offsetting project
in Uganda

Fresh water and less CO₂: In order to prevent life-threatening illnesses, boiling water is a part of daily life for almost half of the Ugandan population. Burning wood for this purpose harms the environment, contributes to global deforestation and is also harmful to people’s health. Our climate protection programme ensures that poorer households and schools are equipped with modern, climate-friendly drinking-water treatment facilities.