The commitment of GREIF Mietwäsche

We are socially responsible: Whether it’s providing unbureaucratic aid, e.g. through social projects, or actively becoming permanent sponsors of sports teams – the GREIF family is known for its readiness to help others. We make sure that we’re on hand where support is needed and that we get involved, showing passion for our society.

Our donation activities

There for others: GREIF gets involved in an unbureaucratic way anywhere that help is needed. It is important to us that our help has a real effect and we have also provided warmth to refugee families by donating bedding. Through monetary and material donations, GREIF regularly provides meaningful, fast and unbureaucratic support to people who have fallen on hard times.

Our donation campaigns: earthquakes in Turkey/Syria | Ukraine | Special Olympics | TV98 Erfurt fistball department | daycare centres in Veitsbronn/Obermichelbach

Our sponsorship activities

Support for the Augsburger Panther team: By sponsoring this traditional Augsburg-based club, the Greif family has been expressing its personal love of Bavarian-Swabian ice hockey since 2013.

Sponsorship of DJK Lechhausen: As a premium partner, GREIF assists with all aspects of this regional sport association for people of all ages – from supporting youth development to the many different club activities.

We are proud to support: Augsburger Panther | DJK Lechhausen | school partnership for Schillerschule Augsburg | Kempten theatre | Augsburg golf club | TVA roller hockey department | Augsburg puppet theatre | Various local clubs

Committed to helping humans and nature

Support that makes a difference: Our fellow humans and our planet mean a lot to us – which is why we provide help wherever we can. Through a local school partnership, we endow professional orientation for school pupils and open their eyes to future prospects In addition, we post job advertisements on Yourfirm because for each job advertisement posted, the job portal plants a tree, thereby reducing CO₂.