11. January 2024 | GREIF Mietwäsche becomes a member of CIBUTEX
GREIF Mietwäsche is committed to sustainable development in the textile industry and has been an official member of CIBUTEX since January 1, 2024. What exactly is CIBUTEX? CIBUTEX stands for “circular business textiles” and has been bundling large quantities of B2B used textiles since 2022, which are obtained from a merger of various textile service companies – including GREIF Mietwäsche with immediate effect. Since the beginning of this year, used textiles have been collected at the GREIF site in Berlin so that upcyclers can give these textiles a new lease of life. The inclusion of GREIF Mietwäsche in CIBUTEX is a milestone for…
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7. December 2023 | Social commitment at Christmas: 6 donation cheques that will do good
Christmas is approaching and it is a matter close to our hearts to help. This year, children in need and their families will receive support. That is why we are foregoing Christmas presents for customers and instead supporting organisations throughout Germany with 6 donation cheques, all of which are committed to the well-being of children. “This year, we have decided to help several organisations in Germany with a donation at all 6 major GREIF locations. As in previous years, the focus is clearly on supporting children. All of the organisations we have selected do a great job and are…
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26. September 2023 | Still sponsor of the AEV
The new 2023/2024 season of the Augsburg Panthers has already begun. And of course with us at their side. This season, we are once again supporting the AEV as a sponsor together with our affiliated brand dmw. Our new logos can be found on the players’ shorts, the player and guest towels, on all the dust control mats in the stadium and in the dressing rooms and on the clothing for the kitchen and service staff. You can also see our new IP TV advert in the Panther Club, which has a clear message and is a lot of fun. Today you…
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20. September 2023 | The best overall package: JUFA hotels decide to switch to GREIF rental linen
The JUFA Hotels are changing their linen rental provider and are now working with us in 10 hotels throughout Germany and Austria. Gernot Reitmaier, Managing Director and COO of JUFA Hotels was significantly involved in the decision-making process: “Of course, we took a close look at several providers and checked them out. In the end, the overall package at GREIF Mietwäsche was convincing. That is simply good.” The requirements for the new linen rental specialist were nationwide delivery or delivery to neighbouring Austria, a customer-oriented, flexible service, good accessibility of contact persons, reliable linen delivery and, of course, the quality of the…
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18. September 2023 | Team GREIF cleans up
This year’s World Cleanup Day took place on Saturday 16.9.2023. GREIF has tested at its location in Augsburg how well such a project is accepted within the company. A total of 14 adults and 8 children voluntarily invested a little of their free time in our environment and collected waste together at Augsburg’s Kuhsee recreation area. Despite an already very clean area around the lake, 2 large bags of rubbish were filled. Mostly cigarette ends and crown caps were to be found, but also broken children’s trousers or cycling gloves were disposed of. All in all, it was a great…
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15. September 2023 | Busy bees in Berlin
Inspired by our bee settlement in Langenfeld, our location in Berlin now also provides a new home for bee colonies. Together with a beekeeper, a total of 250,000 bees will move into 6 hives on our company property this year. 4 hives are already there and the inhabitants are working hard. Next year the number of bees should even double. We are happy about the opportunity to save bees and thus to put an even greater focus on environmental protection and sustainability.
13. July 2023 | CO2 Footprint report 2023
The new CO2 Footprint Report with the latest figures is available. Our CO2 emissions from the year 2022 amount to 34,401 tons. This is 8587 tons more than in the previous year. The reasons for the increase include the rise in total laundry volume and the associated increase in the number of delivery trips. These factors increase our Scope 1 emissions value. The Scope 1 value in 2022 is 17,497 metric tons of CO2. By comparison, this was 13,157 tons in the previous year. On the other hand, the Scope 2 value decreased significantly, which can be explained…
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4. July 2023 | Commitment to sustainability at Greif
Greif has been certified for its ‘Commitment to sustainability’ by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economy, and the corresponding seal proves that Greif has all sustainability areas covered. Ecological, social and economic competence were the three areas assessed. The topics investigated related to employees, fair products, ethical action, corporate organisation and the associated measures, as well as energy and environmental matters. The analysis gave us a very good overview of our sustainability performance and as a result, we are now able to implement tailored and targeted optimisations. This year, we received the following ratings for the three areas: Ecological competence: 81 out of…
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25. April 2023 | Greif launches new brand identity
Fresh. New. Different. New name, new logo, new website. The family-owned company Greif is one of the leading providers of rental laundry in Germany and is now visually demonstrating this pioneering position with a new, future-oriented brand identity. For over 100 years, the Greif family business has been one of Germany’s leading rental laundry providers. It works primarily with hotels and restaurants as well as industrial and commercial customers. Brothers Markus and Martin Greif now run the company and are the fourth generation of their family to do so. They are firmly supported by their sister, Andrea Greif, and, of course,…
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14. March 2023 | Further aid for those affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
Our employees in Berlin have donated €520 to the affected areas via Save the Children. This money can be used to distribute things including warm meals, water and essentials such as tents, blankets and nappies. In addition, children have the opportunity to receive psychosocial support and there are contact points for community housing where children are protected and can begin to process their experiences through activities. Through on-site coordination, Save the Children supports unaccompanied children and helps to reunite families.
10. February 2023 | Donations for Turkey
One of the worst earthquake catastrophes of the last 25 years has brought great hardship to Turkey and Syria. We want to help. Our employees in Augsburg and Wolfratshausen have collected material donations such as bedclothes, dressing gowns, blankets, clothes and food in order to send these to the affected areas in collaboration with aid organisations. In addition, employees in Augsburg alone donated over €2,000 in just two days. We keep the affected people in our thoughts and hope to provide a little support during this difficult time.