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Modern, environmentally friendly, family run, with passion and flat hierarchies: From trainees to truck drivers, laundry workers and students – we want all members of the GREIF family to look forward to each day at the company and to work as a team with enthusiasm. That’s why, as rental laundry experts known across Germany, we offer jobs in close-knit teams with everything you could possibly need. And with a thoroughly pleasant working environment, we also create the ideal conditions for each employee to reach their utmost potential.

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Benefits of jobs at GREIF Mietwäsche

Not simply following instructions: Working at GREIF should be fun and offer the freedom for personal development, as well as allowing everyone to interact as equals. Our employees enjoy the following benefits:

We are a vibrant family business with flat hierarchies
Our employees come from over 40 different nations – and we’re always delighted to add to this total
Always in motion
We are a driving force in the industry
Excellent career ladder
We give our employees as many career and training opportunities as possible
Always ready to listen
We have an open-door policy across all levels
We value long-term working relationships
We offer our employees benefits, perks and team events
We pay according to a company collective agreement
Responsible action is at the forefront of what we do

Application process

Job search
Simply search for your dream job among our vacancies, go into your chosen advertisement and click the ‘Apply now’ button.
Your application
You can enter your details into our form and upload your application documents. Alternatively, just answer a few questions and send everything to us.
We screen your documents thoroughly in the relevant departments. This may take a while. We will get in touch as soon as possible.
If you’ve made it onto our shortlist, we’ll contact you promptly by telephone or email to arrange an in-person interview.
After your interview, we’ll decide on the appropriate candidates internally. Please be patient – we’ll get in touch whatever the outcome.
Getting started
If we choose you, the relevant HR department on site will sort the contract, make any organisational arrangements and answer your questions. We look forward to you joining us!

Meet the GREIF employees

„Since the pandemic, the hotel and restaurant market has changed considerably. Adapting quickly to new situations and circumstances is currently a big challenge for me and is also mostly something I enjoy.“
Markus Theis
Head of northern sales
„The QM team helps employees with process development, continuous improvement measures and support on sustainable topics, enabling them to ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ high expectations. In addition, we focus on increasing the resilience, health and motivation of our employees through our employee health management programme.“
Enrico Gimpert
Head of quality, environmental, hygiene and health management
„As an trainee, I had a lot of freedom and was allowed to work independently. There are excellent advanced training opportunities and trainee projects, during which a lot of trust was placed in us.“
Maik Dill
Former industrial management trainee
„My internship involves diverse and exciting tasks. Each day, I learn something new and get a lot out of it.“
Alina Enzi
Office management trainee
„As working with numbers makes me particularly happy, accounting is the right place for me. In central accounting, I can play an active part in creating monthly and annual financial statements and put Greif’s success down on paper, quite literally. In particular, I enjoy the diversity of my tasks, the flat hierarchies and the camaraderie.“
Natalie Geßler
„Controlling is where all information converges. We prepare numbers and data from different departments for analysis. To be one of us, you need an eye for the bigger picture, without losing sight of the detail.“
Elke Hammerl
Head of planning and controlling
„Providing support to locations and home offices across the nation is a challenge, and the way in which the IT systems are closely intertwined with production gives it a unique twist. But we always find a solution.“
Stefan Hütter
Head of IT
„I am always fascinated by how we can take a massive mountain of laundry and make it immaculately clean again while employing only minimal energy and resources. In this process, sustainability and energy conservation are a top priority for us.“
Lukas Kramer
Chief textile cleaner and OPEX expert
„In my department, people are the focus. The appeal of my tasks and topics comes from the wonderful mix of people, their current concerns and our special, diverse, multifaceted and exciting industry.“
Florian Oehler
Head of HR
„I love my motivated, cheerful team and appreciate the high degree of trust placed in me and the freedom I have, allowing me to entirely redesign marketing.“
Julia Reiter
Head of marketing and communication
„In procurement, we act as a central function and are a point of contact for all locations. As a result, we deal with many different topics and requirements and it is always varied.“
Sven Schulze-Siebert
Strategic purchaser
„Our department is all about innovation. We optimise workflows and processes while facing the challenge of keeping an eye on the latest technology and always staying one step ahead.“
Stefan Unucka
Head of OPEX
„When on reception, the most important thing is to be flexible and adapt quickly to new situations. At the same time, I am always ready to listen to our employees.“
Gesine Wiefel
Operations assistant and quality management officer
„I am a skilled specialist and have been at the company for over 35 years. Over the many years, my range of responsibilities has grown and I have too. I enjoy my tasks, the good atmosphere in the team makes me happy and my superiors are always ready to listen.“
Ivett Barke
Shipping staff member
„Each day in the fleet brings new challenges that we overcome together. The happiness of my employees and colleagues is important to me, as are productivity and the optimisation of work processes, which ensures customer satisfaction.“
Danijel Radosavljevic
Fleet manager

Team player wanted: Get your career off the ground at GREIF!

So, you’d like a career in the rental laundry industry? You enjoy working in production, shipping, technology and IT, or a vehicle fleet? You’d like to join the GREIF family? Perfect! We’re always looking for motivated talent to expand our professional rental laundry teams at all our locations. Whatever your level of education, click through our job listings now! Maybe you’ll find a role that’s the perfect fit for you?