Climate-neutral rental laundry at GREIF

A valuable contribution to the fight against global warming: With climate-neutral rental laundry, a small extra charge has a big effect. This is because it allows you to directly support our climate protection projects in Germany or Uganda. In return, you will receive a certificate, with which you can show your customers the contribution you are making.

Climate-neutral rental laundry

How does climate-neutral rental laundry work?

Simple environmental protection: Fuel and energy for the vehicle fleet, machines, product manufacturing and employee mobility – all this generates CO₂ emissions. We calculate the total emissions of your order and enable you to support our climate protection projects for a small extra fee. The GREIF climate protection projects in Germany and Uganda support ecosystems, foster biodiversity and improve water quality.

Yes to climate-neutral rental laundry!

Great! You’ve chosen our climate-neutral rental laundry.

Choose your preferred project

It’s up to you: Choose between our water treatment project in Uganda and our renaturing project in Germany.

Make a big difference with just a small payment!

With your individual contribution, all the CO₂ emissions generated in relation to your rental laundry over the course of the year will be offset.

Your contribution to the environment

By making the environmentally conscious decision to choose climate-neutral rental laundry, you are actively contributing to the fight against global warming!

Show your customers your involvement!

Each year, you will receive your individual certificate and other communications relating to climate-neutral rental laundry. This enables your customers to see the contribution you are making!

Our climate protection project in Germany

Moorland as carbon storage and a habitat: Your contribution to the renaturing of the severely drained Königsmoor moorland in Schleswig-Holstein benefits the environment in many different ways. The targeted rewetting of the moorland saves an important source of shelter for endangered species such as the moor frog and the heron. In addition, the intact moorland ecosystem can once again reach its full potential as a huge carbon store and, in doing so, massively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment.

Our climate protection project in Uganda

Clean drinking water at all times: By supporting the water treatment project in Uganda, you give the population large-scale access to professionally filtered drinking water. In this way, we ensure that the water supply is safe to drink and prevent life-threatening illnesses caused by contaminated drinking water. The environment also benefits: Our UV water filters eliminate the need to boil water – this prevents deforestation and the CO₂ emissions generated by burning wood.

CO₂ offset calculator for your rental laundry

In just 4 steps to the individual calculation of your CO₂ compensation
Your annual CO₂ emissions
Select your climate protection project here
Your contribution to the environment
Enter your approximate monthly linen rental costs here:
Your CO₂ emissions for rental laundry per month:
Select a project here:
Your individual calculation:
Emission factor: 0.2462 kg CO₂ / €1 turnover*
*This annually updated average value is calculated by comparing our entire CO₂ footprint with the entire company turnover.
kg CO₂
Project Uganda
Clean drinking water at all times
surcharge of approx. 0.5%
Project Germany / Switzerland
Building healthy carbon-rich soils through regenerative agriculture
surcharge of approx. 1.9%
For just € per month, you offset the CO₂ emissions of all your laundry rentals
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CO₂ reduction on schedule: To counteract global warming, we are reducing our carbon dioxide emissions systematically across all areas of our company. As a member of MaxTex, we work with other companies to increase awareness of sustainability. And as a supporter of the UN Global Compact, we consistently strive to meet our sustainability targets. We do so with professional guidance from the Science Based Targets initiative and document our climate protection successes transparently and clearly in the footprint report.

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